How mental coaching is crucial to win an Olympic medal

Behind an Olympic competition there are hundreds of hours of hard training. It’s not only about being physically strong, but also having a great mental coaching to get the mind ready.

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This post is about an aspect of the athlete’s training that sometimes gets underrated – the mental coaching that get athletes’ mind ready for the competitions.

People who work in the modern sport industry are aware of the fact that mental coaching is a key aspect of every athlete’s journey. The chances of top-tier athletes to get an Olympic medal depend also on how psychologically strong and trained they are.

The higher you go, the more crucial such details become.


To help modern athletes cope with their mental and physical stress, a new sport discipline has developed throughout the latest years – the mental coaching.

An example from the shooting: Jessica Rossi

London 2012 Gold medallist Jessica Rossi was one of the first athletes (at least in Italy) to publicly thank his mental coach. She acknowledged that

“An Olympic competition runs exactly as any other competitions, though there are many more tensions on it, more mental pressure and stress going on compared to a ‘regular’ shooting comp.”

Making the athletes ‘programmed’ to win is the ultimate goal of the mental coaching.

Jessica Rossi’s mental coach motto is “train your brain, win your game”.

The theory behind that is that athletes need to train their brains to get a winning attitude. Consequently, the body receives the right input from the mind to chase the victory, and eventually nail it.

Concepts like mental training and resilience (the ability of an individual to face and overcome a traumatic event or stress times) are key aspects to cherish for every modern athlete who wants to pursue an Olympic medal.

Who knows if famous psychoanalysts like Freud or Jung have ever imagined that their discovers and theories would develop the mental coaching discipline and lead athletes to get an Olympic medal!

Photo credits: corso-mental-coaching