The Forever Faster man, Usain Bolt

Here’s why “Forever Faster” is the best nickname Usain Bolt ever had appended through the years

Usain Bolt Doubt forever faster puma ads

I think that there aren’t any new thoughts or ideas left to say about Usain Bolt. He’s the greatest sprinter ever existed in the history of athletics, he’s the fastest man in the world, and he’s also such a showman too.

Whether you like him or not, Usain Bolt has being the iconic figure of my favourite sport, along with other great characters such as Ashton Eaton, Jessica Ennis, Gianmarco Tamberi, Allyson Felix and so on.

Whatever ways his 100m and 200m races will go at this Olympic Games, the Jamaican Sprinter is going to be remembered forever.

The Forever Faster boy

The Forever Faster nickname appended to Usain Bolt brilliantly explains how the Jamaican sprinter will be seeing through the years to come, when he’ll retire to competitions.

He’s inspired hundreds of children to start doing sport. With his running and his playful attitude, he’s infected everyone. Even the people who don’t like him have to admit that the Forever Faster boy have left an indelible trace in the history of sport.

The Forever Faster mini movie

This is the background of one of the most brilliant commercials ever created with Usain Bolt as a main character and endorser.

Puma has always walked beside Usain, flanking him also when things went south in his career – think of the World Championships where he didn’t run the final due to a false start, for example.

Usain’s leverage starts when he was just a boy playing football in the streets of his motherland. He found out he could fly with his legs, running much faster than his opponents. The rest is literally history.

Puma has produced this amazing mini movie about the Forever faster boy. Please take 3 minutes of our time, and celebrate with me the great Usain Bolt.

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